Nipawin Airport

Two Runways

Northeast/Southeast (Paved)     902 Meters (2,960 feet)

Northwest/Southwest (Turf)       914 Meters (3,000 feet)   

A non-directional beacon, 402 khz, is operational at the airport and has a radius of 90 kilometers (50 miles). Unicom frequency is 122.8. 

Hangar & Tie-Down Rentals

Hangars : $280.00 per year

Tie-Downs : $180.00 per year or $35.00 per month

Each tie-down (about 20) is equipped with underground wiring.                                                                                                            

The Town pays the energy costs for the tie-downs only.

Local Charters

Local charter service is available offering both single and twin engine aircraft.

There are about one hundred fliers in the surrounding area and about twenty aircraft that are privately owned.

AWOS Weather System

(Automated Weather Observation System).  The AWOS readings are made by a stand-alone for aviation use.

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