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Bird Watching

The untamed forest and lakefront areas surrounding Nipawin are a bird watchers paradise. Each spring, bird-warfare is declared in the trees and along our waterways as over 250 species of mating birds converge on Nipawin to nest. It's a time when the most cohesive species become mortal enemies in the struggle to survive the odds against nest-robbing scavengers and meat eating predators.

The Regional Park and Wildlife Sanctuary offer great opportunities to follow the progress of these young families as they develop into Adults in time to return south for winter. For breathtaking waterfowl and shorebird encounters, consider getting out on the water by renting a boat from one of the regions many outfitters.

Annual Christmas Count

A Christmas Bird Count takes place in a 2-week period around Christmas time. The counts take place at Love, E.B. Campbell, Snowden and Nipawin. There were over 22 species seen and assumed to be here all winter including the Pine GrosBeak.

The Nipawin Dam

Located on the Saskatchewan River portion of Tobin Lake near Nipawin.

The Francois Finlay Hydro Station forms Codette Lake at the west end of Nipawin. Commissioned in 1985, it boasts three units with a combined generating capacity of 255 net MW.

Pack a lunch and enjoy views of the dam and the river valley from the new Vista Point observation terrace or wander down the hillside for a waterfront view of the dam and some great off-shore fishing opportunities. The staff at the dam are always happy to provide pre-arranged tours by calling 1-306-862-3148.

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Tobin Lake

Located between the Francois Finlay and E.B. Campbell Dams on the Saskatchewan River, this man-made lake hosts some of the best walleye fishing in North America.

Tobin Lake hosts some of the best walleye fishing in North America as well as excellent swimming, boating and recreation facilities. Tobin lake combines world-class fishing with excellent recreational resort services, and is close enough to Nipawin so any visitor can enjoy not only the excellent facilities that Tobin Lake offers, but all the tourism destinations of the Nipawin area.

Resort Services 

Tobin Lake offers many facilities and activities for all members of the family. While fishing is often the main reason for visiting Tobin Lake, other recreational opportunities are coming into the spotlight and making Tobin Lake a full-featured destination. Tobin lake now offers accommodations ranging from fully modern cabins to campsites. There are also recreation opportunities from a beach to minigolf.


If there is one thing that has made Tobin Lake famous, it is the exceptional fishing that can be found in its waters. Tobin Lake has gained notoriety as the premier walleye and pike fishing lake in Saskatchewan, and is one of the top walleye lakes in North America. Tobin is home to the Saskatchewan record walleye, and the provincial walleye record has been broken four times consecutively on Tobin Lake. The legendary fishing on Tobin Lake has earned Nipawin a spot as one of the "Top Ten Places in Canada to Live and Fish." For more information on fishing in the Nipawin area or on Tobin Lake, please click here.

Codette Lake

Codette Lake is an extraordinary Canadian Fishing and outdoor recreation destination known for excellent fishing, superb water sports, swimming, and all sorts of recreational activities.

The lake is located moments south of Nipawin, Codette Lake is slightly less traveled than Tobin Lake and is the perfect choice for the fisherman who wants to get away from the crowds without losing immediate access to Nipawin's services. 

Living Forest Museum

The Living Forestry Museum in Nipawin Saskatchewan was founded in 1967 under the direction of Carl Mollberg who had been keenly interested in collecting and documenting the history of our area. The donation of the old Hornseth house in 1976 gave the expanding museum more room to house artifacts and for display. The historical house has been furnished in its original state, including family artifacts and historical items.

Antique Sawmill

Driven by a steam tractor, the museum's antique sawmill is a popular attraction that is fired up each Canada Day (July 1st) for live demonstrations.

Clay Ovens

Among the displays is the museum's set of clay ovens which are stoked up each Canada Day (July 1st) and kept busy baking hundreds of loaves of bread (generously donated by Family Bakery in Nipawin) which go on sale to the public in the afternoon. - Nothing beats fresh bread baked in a clay oven!

Antique Farming Equipment

Throughout the grounds you will encounter vintage tractors, an antique water well drill and various small engines - all in working order. Volunteer farmers bring the antique harvesting equipment to life each Canada Day for live demonstrations. Watch how stooks of grain were fed through the old harvester and the grains were separated in the old-days!

After the harvesting demonstration, make your way to the flour mill (steps away) where you'll discover how grain was tranformed into flour in the old days. You can even buy a bag of flour for use at home!

One-Room School House

The old one-room school house is a timeless peek inside a traditional grade 1 through 12 prairie school house, completely upgraded with an indoor outhouse!

Much More!

From a trappers cabin to an antique church, there is so much more to see on the grounds and in the historic buildings of the Nipawin Living Forestry Museum. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the next time you're in town!


Adults: $5.00
Children under 12: Free

Hours of Operation

May 5th - June 15th 9:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday June 15th - August 31st 9:30am - 4:30pm Seven days a week

Contact Information

(306) 862-9299

Old Nipawin Bridge

The 1908 foot span of the iconic old Nipawin Bridge rises high above the Saskatchewan River.

Built in 1928 at a cost of $1.5 million dollars, the crooked old bridge served to conquer the Saskatchewan River gorge and open all points beyond to trade and settlement.

Prior to the bridge, early settlers crossed the river on a cable-guided Ferry which had only just replaced the more historic basket on a zip-line the year before.

Enjoy the View

Enjoy spectacular views of the river gorge as you drive across the one way bridge, controlled by a timed traffic light on either side of the bridge. To the the south, you can see the Dam off in the distance and to the north the forest-lined river winds out of view - a spectacular sight in the fall!

Enroute to the Hydro Electric Dam

You're almost there! After your visit to the bridge, why not make your way to the Francois Finley Hydro Electric Dam and the Vista Point Observation Terrace!

Wildlife Sanctuary

Lined with trails carved from thick natural stands of untamed Boreal Forest, the Maurice Street Wildlife Sanctuary beckons bird, wildlife, nature lovers and hikers alike. Crowned a preserved sanctuary in 1968 by the Saskatchewan Natural History Society, the sanctuary is home to everything from black bears and cougars to raccoons and woodpeckers.

The Maurice Street Wildlife Sanctuary is trimmed by trees and overlooks the 'Eagles Nest' fishing area, a popular fishing hole with the locals. From observation points within the sanctuary, you are sure to see several fisherman trolling the waters below. There is no safe foot-access to this fishing area.

Only 17 KMs Away

From the RCMP station at the junction of highways 35 and 55, travel 6km east (towards Carrot River)Turn left at Range Road 2140 North and follow for 11 km's. Watch for signs.

Bird Watching - Rare Flowers

There are over 245 identified species of birds living in the sanctuary including the Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, the American Redstart, Pileated Woodpecker and the common Loon. There are also several species of flowers in the sanctuary including Large Yellow Lady’s-Slippers and Ram’s-head Lady’s-Slippers.

Thick Boreal Forest

Tamarack, Balsam, Fir, White Spruce, Balsam Poplar and Aspen poplar line the hiking trails of this beautiful Wildlife Sanctuary . Jack Pine is dominant on the sandy upland soil.

Wildlife to Watch For

  • Cougar
  • Moose
  • Red Fox
  • Silver Fox
  • Elk
  • Wolverine
  • Bobcat
  • Pileated Woodpecker.
  • Porcupine
  • Beaver
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Muskrat
  • Black Bear
  • Coyote
  • Mule / Whitetail Deer
  • Lynx
  • Raccoon
  • Skunk
  • River Otter
  • Badger
  • Bald & Gold Eagles
  • American Redstart


CLICK HERE for a brochure on this and other wildlife sanctuaries in the province of Saskatchewan.

For more information, contact
The Saskatchewan Natural History Society