Nipawin Saskatchewan
Bird Watching

The untamed forest and lakefront areas surrounding Nipawin are a bird watchers paradise. Each spring, bird-warfare is declared in the trees and along our waterways as over 250 species of mating birds converge on Nipawin to nest. It's a time when the most cohesive species become mortal enemies in the struggle to survive the odds against nest-robbing scavengers and meat eating predators.

The Regional Park and Wildlife Sanctuary offer great opportunities to follow the progress of these young families as they develop into Adults in time to return south for winter. For breathtaking waterfowl and shorebird encounters, consider getting out on the water by renting a boat from one of the regions many outfitters.

A Christmas Bird Count takes place in a 2-week period around Christmas time. The counts take place at Love, E.B. Campbell, Snowden and Nipawin. There were over 22 species seen and assumed to be here all winter including the Pine GrosBeak.
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