Nipawin Saskatchewan
Tobin Lake
Located between the Francois Finlay and E.B. Campbell Dams on the Saskatchewan River, this man-made lake hosts some of the best walleye fishing in North America as well as excellent swimming, boating and recreation facilities. Tobin lake combines world-class fishing with excellent recreational resort services, and is close enough to Nipawin so any visitor can enjoy not only the excellent facilities that Tobin Lake offers, but all the tourism destinations of the Nipawin area.

Tobin Lake offers many facilities and activities for all members of the family. While fishing is often the main reason for visiting Tobin Lake, other recreational opportunities are coming into the spotlight and making Tobin Lake a full-featured destination. Tobin lake now offers accommodations ranging from fully modern cabins to campsites. There are also recreation opportunities from a beach to minigolf.

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If there is one thing that has made Tobin Lake famous, it is the exceptional fishing that can be found in its waters. Tobin Lake has gained notoriety as the premier walleye and pike fishing lake in Saskatchewan, and is one of the top walleye lakes in North America. Tobin is home to the Saskatchewan record walleye, and the provincial walleye record has been broken four times consecutively on Tobin Lake. The legendary fishing on Tobin Lake has earned Nipawin a spot as one of the "Top Ten Places in Canada to Live and Fish." For more information on fishing in the Nipawin area or on Tobin Lake, please click here.


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