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Development Permits

A development permit is required when it is desired to build or renovate a structure that is larger than 10m2.  If the structure is smaller than 10m2 but attached to or abutting (within 3 feet) a structure larger than 10m2 a development permit is required.  The purpose of the development permit is to ensure that the development meets the requirements of Zoning Bylaw 763/2000 and its amendmentds.

Construction work that does not *normally* initiate the development permit includes:

  • Creation of a structure less than 10m2 
  • Changing siding with simular material
  • Changing shingles with similar material
    • If a replacement or change to dimensional lumber underneath the sheathing is required then the development permit process is initated as it will need to be inspected.  
  • Painting (interior or exterior), tiling
  • Installing shelves, cabinets or baseboards
  • Patching drywall
  • Changing windows or doors that do not alter the rough opening
  • Fences (there are regulations on height and placement here)
  • Driveways, sidewalks, paths, gardening
  • Tree planting (within your property)
  • Repairing or replacing plumbing fixtures
    • changing the location or length of pipe requires a plumbing permit from a plumbing contractor

 *Although a permit may not be required the homeowner is responsible to ensure the project complies with the National Building Code of Canada. 

What does it mean to "renovate"?  For the purpose of a development and building permit, any activity more intrusive than those listed above is considered renovating and initiates the Development and Building Permits. 

Please see the following guide of what is required to be attached to a Development Permit.        


Building and Development Permits

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988/15 Building Bylaw

996/16 Amend Building Bylaw 988/15

1092/19 Amend Building Bylaw 988/15

1 Deck Information

A Development and Building Permit is required for the construction of any deck larger than 107.5 square feet.

1 Fence Information

Although a Building Permit is not required to build a fence, some regulations do apply.

Zoning & Planning

1112/20 Zoning Amendment-Boarding Houses

763/2000 Zoning Bylaw - Consolidated Working Copy