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Major Industries in Nipawin
The Nipawin area is the hub of activity for one of the world’s largest diamond exploration projects. Nipawin is located 10 km (6 miles) from the Fort a la Corne Provincial Forest. Exploration activities are centred approximately 55 km from Nipawin. Nipawin is the closest major community to the exploration sites.

Shore Gold is a Saskatchewan company leading the way with a full scale mine pre-feasibility study of the Star Kimberlite field. Preliminary estimates indicate that the area hosts one of the most extensive kimberlite fields in the world. The Star Kimberlite averages 88 meters in thickness over four square kilometres, containing 70 individual bodies, over 70% of which have been shown to contain diamonds. The field has been well preserved against glacial erosion, unlike most kimberlite fields, and studies are ongoing as to how to best tap the resources contained under the Fort a la Corne.

A second kimberlite body, the Orion Belt, is being developed in a joint venture between Shore Gold and Newmont Mining Corp. Canada. This exploration has identified 60 kimberlite deposits in the body, with diamonds found in over half, 70% of which are of gem quality, including a 10.13 carat Light Fancy Yellow. The Orion Belt contains 7km of continuous kimberlite and an estimated 1.3 trillion tonnes of kimberlite.


Bunge Canada is one of the largest buyers and processors of canola and flax in North America, and Nipawin is home to one of their six Canadian purchasing centers and processing plants. Bunge Nipawin also offers oilseed contracts and a wide range of oilseed producer services. The presence of Bunge in Nipawin has made the Nipawin area one of the province’s leading canola producers, and is Nipawin’s single largest employer, giving Nipawin a strong industrial base.
Pickseed recently acquired the forage processing plant from Farm Pure (the newly constructed 2003 SW Newfield Seeds plant). PICKSEED celebrates 60 years of leadership in the development, production, and distribution of turfgrass, forage crop, and hybrid corn seeds. Since its beginning in 1947 PICKSEED has build a trusted and proven reputation for quality, agronomic advice, and a commitment to research and technology. Pickseed's dedicated team provides practical and effective solutions to improve your profitability and reduce your operating risk.

The Nipawin forage processing plant has capacity to process 8,000 to 10,000 MT annually. The plant consists of three cleaning lines and over 28,000 square feet in five warehouses. The main warehouse has the latest technology allowing the plant to package seeds at 22 bags/minute or packages 10,560 bags in an eight hour day.
Discovery Seed Labs acquired the lab centre of SW Seed Canada Ltd. on September 1, 2006. Discovery Seed Labs performs technical and scientific tests for the seed industry to help farmers make operational decisions with their crops.
The Nipawin area is a major agricultural producer. Rich and varied soil gives the region a diverse array of cultivatable crops. Wheat, canola, barley, flax, rye, and oats are grown primarily. Secondary crops such as field peas, clover, and wheat-grasses have seen increased seedage, and market crops such as cabbage, seed potatoes, and garlic have seen increased popularity. There are approximately 2000 farms in the Nipawin trading area, ranging in size from 3 square kilometers to 26 square kilometers.

Livestock is prominent in the area, with many hog, beef, and dairy farms. Nipawin is also home to many diverse livestock operations, including buffalo, elk, deer, boar, emu and ostrich. Nipawin is also home to the FP Fish Farm, which raises 200,000 trout per year for sale throughout Canada. Nipawin is also the province’s largest honey-producing community in Saskatchewan. There are 36 honey producers in the Nipawin area, with a total of 31,000 hives in production. The production total for the area is 6.2 million pounds of honey per year.

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Nipawin's position as a trading hub for the northeast, and its strength in the agricultural sector, has created a strong transportation market in Nipawin. The Nipawin area is home to a number of successful and professional trucking companies that have grown rapidly to support the needs of the area, and are continuing to expand and prove themselves as standards for the industry.
Nipawin is proud to be a major investor in Torch River Rail, a locally owned and operated short-line railway running from Nipawin to Choiceland and also serving Whitefox, Garick, and Love. This section of track was previously decommissioned by the CPR, and purchased and re-opened by Torch River Rail, allowing local agricultural producers local loading points for agricultural products and reduced haulage costs. Torch River Rail has been expanding operations, constructing a loading facility in Choiceland with plans for a loading facility in White Fox.
North Fringe Resources is a true home-grown success story. Founded by local resident Brett Cain, North Fringe is an industry leader in the design and construction of portable mine refuge stations. North Fringe Resources Inc. has been working to designing a safe, reliable, innovative refuge stations to help companies in the mining industry protect their employees in the event of underground accidents.
The potential to produce fuel-grade ethanol from abundant Saskatchewan agricultural and forestry residues represents a unique and timely opportunity for the Nipawin area.

The Nipawin Region Economic Development Committee, representing the Town of Nipawin, RM’s of Torch River and Nipawin, reviewed the prospect of biomass ethanol development as early as 2001. Along with ten partners, including the Saskatchewan Research Council and SaskEnergy, local municipalities, industry, and aboriginal groups, a MOU was signed and the commercialization project commenced in 2002.

The Nipawin Biomass Ethanol New Generation Co-operative Ltd. has raised over $ 800,000 for the project locally, with an additional 1.5 million from other sources. The commercialization project is ongoing, with plans that include a comprehensive business plan for a 100 million litre per year plant.
Tourism is Nipawin’s fastest growing industry. Nipawin offers world-class fishing, hunting, and golfing, with exceptional accommodations, parks, attractions, and tourism guest services for visitors to the area. Nipawin is also quickly become the events playground for Northeast Saskatchewan. Each year three major fishing tournaments, a classic car show ‘n shine, cultural events and more.
Nipawin's retail sector is a major employer in town and is exceptionally strong for a community of Nipawin's size. Nipawin is proud to be home to such national and international chains as Rona, Subway, Home Hardware, Shell, Husky, A&W, Movie Gallery, and more. Nipawin's home-grown retailers are also considered industry leaders. Forest Fringe was the 2009 ABEX New Business Award. The Pineland Co-op regularly ranks in the top 100 Companies in Saskatchewan listing.
The healthcare and health services industry is the single largest employer in the Nipawin area. Nipawin's hospital, long-term care facilities, clinics, and spin-off businesses have made Nipawin the primary medical centre for the region, and contribute greatly to the economy as well as the health of the community at large.
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