Animal Control

1130/21 Animal Control Bylaw

Assessment & Taxation

1108/20 Base Tax Bylaw

1071/19 Dispense with Mailing Assessment Notices

1109/20 Mill Rate Factors

1114/20 Property Tax Discounts and Penalties


988/15 Building Bylaw

996/16 Amend Building Bylaw 988/15

1092/19 Amend Building Bylaw 988/15

1 Deck Information

A Development and Building Permit is required for the construction of any deck larger than 107.5 square feet.

1 Fence Information

Although a Building Permit is not required to build a fence, some regulations do apply.


1156/22 To Provide for the Regulation and Control of Town-Owned Cemeteries

Council Matters

1118/21 Council Code of Ethics

1153/22 Council Procedures Bylaw

1072/19 Dispense with a Voters List

1111/20 Mail-in Voting

1074/19 Public Notice Policy

1085/19 Require Criminal Record Check with Council Nomination


1010/18 Fire & Rescue Services Bylaw


1124/21 Administration Bylaw

1052/18 Airport Bylaw

1104/20 Business License

1098/21 Collection and Disposal of Waste

1090/19 General Penalty Bylaw

1084/19 Noise Bylaw

1054/18 Obstruction on Streets, Roads & Property

1152/22 Property Maintenance & Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

1049/18 Smoking and Vaping Bylaw

A Bylaw to Regulate Smoking and Vaping in Public Places

1048/18 Tax Certificate Fees

A Bylaw to set the fees charged for tax certificates

Protective Services

1157/22 Back Alley Access Bylaw

A Bylaw to Control the Use and Access of Alleys Throughout the Town of Nipawin Between the Hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

1083/19 Firearm Bylaw


1097/20 Traffic Bylaw

Water & Sewer

1093/19 Maintenance of Waterworks and Sanitary Sewer System

1007/16 Water - Sewer Rates Bylaw (Schedule 1)

A Bylaw to fix the rates charged for water and sewer

1007/16 (Schedule A) Water-Sewer Consumption Rates

Monthly Water Consumption Rates

Zoning & Planning

1047 /18 Zoning Amendment - Cannabis

1112/20 Zoning Amendment-Boarding Houses

763/2000 Zoning Bylaw - Consolidated Working Copy