Animal Control

1064/18 Animal Control Bylaw


657/93 Building Bylaw

A Bylaw to regulate building in the Town of Nipawin

1 Deck Information

A Development and Building Permit is required for the construction of any deck larger than 107.5 square feet.

1 Fence Information

Although a Building Permit is not required to build a fence, some regulations do apply.

866/07 Maintenance and Occupancy

A Bylaw of the Town of Nipawin to Establish and Enforce Minimum Standards of Maintenance and Repair of Buildings in the Town


935/12 Mabel Hill Cemetery Bylaw

A bylaw to regulate Mabel Hill Memorial Cemetery

936/12 Ravine Bank and Woodlawn Cemeteries

A bylaw to regulate Ravine Bank and Woodlawn Cemeteries


1010/18 Fire Bylaw

A bylaw to provide for fire and rescue services within the Town of Nipawin


1053/18 Business License Bylaw

A Bylaw to Classify, License and Regulate Business Activity Within the Town of Nipawin

1052/18 Airport Bylaw

1024/17 Council Procedural Bylaw

A Bylaw to Regulate the Proceedings of Municipal Council and Committees of Council

747/99 Noise Bylaw

A Bylaw to Prohibit Certain Activities Creating Noise and to Abate the Incidence of Noise and to Restrict the Hours when Certain Sounds may be made.

902/10 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

The purpose of this bylaw is to provide for the abatement of nuisances, including property, activities, or things that adversely affect: a) the safety, health or welfare of people in the neighbourhood; b) people’s use and enjoyment of their property; or c) the amenity of a neighbourhood.

1054/18 Obstruction on Streets, Roads & Property

1049/18 Smoking and Vaping Bylaw

A Bylaw to Regulate Smoking and Vaping in Public Places

1043/18 Waste Control

A Bylaw to Regulate Proper Collection and Disposal of Waste


1040/18 Base Tax Bylaw

A Bylaw to establish base tax

1039/18 Discounts and Penalties Bylaw

1041/18 Mill Rate Factors

A bylaw to establish mill rate factors

1048/18 Tax Certificate Fees

A Bylaw to set the fees charged for tax certificates


1028/17 Traffic Bylaw

Bylaw Regulating Traffic Upon the Public Streets in the Town of Nipawin and Preserving Order Therein

Water & Sewer

1007/16 Water - Sewer Rates Bylaw (Schedule 1)

A Bylaw to fix the rates charged for water and sewer

1007/16 (Schedule A) Water-Sewer Consumption Rates

Monthly Water Consumption Rates

859/07 Water-Sewer Management Bylaw

Bylaw for the maintenance and management of the waterworks and sanitary sewer systems

Zoning & Planning

1047 Zoning Amendment - Cannabis

763 Zoning Bylaw