Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw enforcement is proactive measure to ensure happenings in the Town of Nipawin fall with the guidelines and regulations set forth through policy, procedure and bylaw.

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer oversees all Administration, financial management and Human Resource Management for Nipawin.

Community Services

The community Services Department through collaboration and cooperation. Responsibilities for the department includes communications, tourism, paratransit, marketing and development.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department oversees the financial administration of the Town, including property taxes and the Town of Nipawin annual budget.

Leisure Services

The Leisure Services Department is responsible for a variety of areas throughout the community, including Town owned recreational facilities, parks, and recreational programs.

Operations and Engineering Services

The Town of Nipawin Operations and Engineering Services Department is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of the infrastructure system.

Planning & Development/Building

Responsible for all development and building permits. We oversee current and future land use through zoning, property sales, and service agreements. Tax incentives, historic building blueprints, and general building guides can also be found here.

Protective Services

Nipawin Fire Department is a composite fire department made up of a full-time Fire Chief with 30 paid-on-call firefighters, which includes one Deputy Fire Chief , three Captains, a Safety Officer, a Fire Inspector, and a Public Education Officer.