Department Contact Information

Telephone: 306-862-4000

Fax: 306-862-0004


744 Railway Avenue West Box 2134, Nipawin

Brian Starkell


All new firefighters to join the Nipawin Volunteer Fire Department will be required to:

  1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Submit an employment application
  3. Submit a Doctor’s Certificate stating you are in good health and physical condition to become a firefighter, if accepted.
  4. Commit to the Fire Department the necessary time to be involved in training and department activities.
  5. Be available to be on call at all hours day or night, in any kind of weather and to respond to any scene that the Nipawin Volunteer Fire Department is responding to
  6. Be on probation for a period of 200 Fire / Fire Trainings Hours during which time they will be assigned to a Captain for instruction and direction.  The recruit will obey all orders and not put himself  / herself or others at risk.
  7. All training will be at the Nipawin Fire Department level with extra courses provided when and if they become available.  You will be required to become a level I Fire fighter.  Some self-education will be required.
  8. The recruit will not be allowed to enter a structure fire until he / she is certified in the use of SCBA and is trained in fire knock down and search and rescue procedures.
  9. Provide a letter of agreement from his / her employer for them to leave work.
  10. Practices are every 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:00 p.m., if they fall on a holiday they will be held the following Tuesday.
  11. Jr. firefighters will be accepted at age 16 at the discretion of the Fire Committee, Chief, Deputy Chief, 3 Captains.

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1010/18 Fire Bylaw

A bylaw to provide for fire and rescue services within the Town of Nipawin