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Snow Clearing

Posted On: Friday, November 29, 2019

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Nipawin, Saskatchewan – November 29, 2019

As we head into the Winter season, the Town of Nipawin wishes to take this opportunity to remind all residents and businesses that clearing of snow is a priority service of our Public Works Department. While every reasonable effort is made to keep our streets safe and passable, there will be occasions where Mother Nature appears to be winning the battle.

Everyone is reminded that the roadways are cleaned in a priority sequence and in accordance with the Town of Nipawin Street Maintenance & Snow Removal Policy # 5.2.1. This policy can be found on the Town of Nipawin website. A map of the priority sequence is provided as part of this policy.

Further to this, everyone is informed that any obstructions (e.g. vehicles) placed/located within 6 feet of the curb will prevent the grader from lowering its side wing to permit effective clearing of driveways. In these instances, neighboring property may be adversely affected as the snow cannot be cleared properly. Obstructions in these areas are prohibited in accordance with the Town of Nipawin Obstructions Bylaw # 1054/18, which can also be found on the Town of Nipawin website.

 For further information about this information release, please contact:

Town of Nipawin

Telephone: (306) 862-9866


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