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While Nipawin is already a thriving service centre, new opportunities in biomass, mining, oil, gas, tourism and agri-business, as well as an increasing demand for additional shopping experiences by the region’s residents and tourists, make the attraction of anchor service industries paramount. Welcoming new residents and businesses, expanding existing ones, growing the area’s skilled workforce, providing adequate housing and recreation, and maintaining and expanding town infrastructure, are priorities. The Nipawin 2020 Action Plan is the vehicle by which Nipawin’s priorities have been identified and are now being managed strategically. At the top of the list are:
- municipal reclassification from town to city status,
downtown revitalization, professional recruitment,
a regional tourism plan, improvements to rail, air,
and ground transportation, added infrastructure
including a business park and recreation complex,
and building business relationships with neighbouring
communities including First Nations and Métis.

Town of  Nipawin Municipal Services offers a range of incentives designed to stimulate the building of new businesses, single family and multiple unit housing, as well as the renovation and/or expansion of existing ones. Successful applicants may qualify for the exemption of both municipal and school taxes for either three or four years, or for other incentives as outlined in the applicable policy.
Main Street is also a strategic focus for Nipawin. The Main Street approach is comprehensive in that it focuses on a strong organizational base, marketing, successful design and firm economic development strategies that all work simultaneously. Steps taken during the downtown revitalization process are incremental “baby steps” that grows confidence in walking before moving to the increasingly more complex movement of running. Simple activities before more complex projects lead to greater confidence and more sustainable positive change.

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