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Recreation - Snowmobiling  
Snowmobiling is vastly important to Nipawin’s economy, and culture. Over 300 kilometres of groomed trails crisscross the area, including the Trans-Canadian Snowmobile Trail. The groomed trails provide residents and visitors with safe and enjoyable snowmobiling.
In addition to local groomed trails and the Trans-Canadian Snowmobile Trail, snowmobilers can also enjoy a safe river crossing at Nipawin’s Francois-Finlay Dam. The crossing was officially opened in 2004, and was spearheaded by the Nipawin Economic Development & Tourism Department in partnership with the RCMP, the Elks, Twin Lakes Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club, SaskPower, and the Nipawin Economic Development Committee.

The Twin Lakes Trail Blazers is a local group for snowmobile enthusiasts. The Trail Blazers create and maintain over 300 kilometres of groomed trails in the Nipawin area.

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The Saskatchewan Elks’ Association and Royal Purple, in conjunction with Nipawin Elks’ Lodge #251 and Royal Purple #67 host the popular P.E.A.C.E. 100 Snowmobile Rally in Nipawin during February.

P.E.A.C.E. 100 stands for Police-Elks Assisting Community Education. Proceeds are directed to the Drug Awareness Program, with funding provided for activities such as:
— Chem Free Graduation
— R.A.D. (Racing Against Drugs)
— Annual Addictions Awareness Contest
— D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Under Bylaw No. 664/94 of the Town of Nipawin, it is legal to operate a snowmobile within the Town limits between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:30 a.m., but only for the purpose of entering and exiting the corporate boundaries by the most direct route. A snowmobile may not be operated on any public place whether or not marked by a sign prohibiting or restricting the operation of snowmobiles, or on the streets highlighted on the by-pass map except for the purpose of crossing. Violation is subject to penalties as outlined in Bylaw No. 664/94. We respectfully request that all snowmobilers adhere to these rules and have a safe snowmobiling winter.

The following streets and places are prohibited to snowmobiles:

All public parks and playgrounds including:
— L.P. Miller School Grounds
— Wagner School Grounds
— Central Park
— Woodlawn Cemetery
— Nipawin Airport

Nipawin Road
-Railway Avenue to East Limits

Highway 35

-North limits to Nipawin Road

1st Avenue
-Nipawin Road to 8th Street West

8th Street West

-1st Avenue to South Limits

Railway Avenue

-Nipawin Road to Old Highway 35

2nd Avenue

-Nipawin Road to Maple Road

Centre Street

-Railway Avenue to Maple Road

Old Highway 35

-8th Street West to Old Railroad Bridge

If you are in Saskatoon come in an pick up a snowmobile at Sno Cruise
Snowmobile Trails Map
Snowmobile town by-pass map

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