Nipawin Saskatchewan
Town Administrator

Chief Administrative Officer

Barry Elliott

210 2nd Avenue East
Office Phone: 306-862-9866
Office Fax: 306-862-3076


Chief Administrative Officer oversees all Administration, financial management and Human Resource Management for Nipawin.

(1) Every council shall establish a position of administrator of the municipality.

(2) A person who holds the position of administrator of the municipality must:
—(a) in the case of an administrator of a municipality other than a rural municipality, be qualified as required by The Urban Municipal Administrators Act; or
—(b) in the case of a rural municipality, be qualified as required by The Rural Municipal Administrators Act.

(3) The Chief Administrative Officer shall perform the duties and exercise the powers and functions that are assigned to an administrator:
—(a) by this and other Acts; and
—(b) by the council.

(4) Subject to the approval of the council, the Chief Administrative Officer may delegate any of his or her powers, duties or functions to any employee of the municipality.

(5) A council may appoint a person to fill the position of Chief Administrative Officer of the municipality in an acting capacity if for any reason the administrator is unable to act for a period of not more than three months or any longer period that the board of examiners may allow.

(6) In this section, “board of examiners” means the board of examiners established pursuant to an agreement mentioned in section 16 of The Urban Municipal Administrators Act or section 11 of The Rural Municipal Administrators Act, as the case may be.

Duties of Chief Administrative Officer
The Chief Administrative Officer shall take charge of and safely keep all books, documents and records of the municipality that are committed to his or her charge and shall:
—(a) produce, when called for by the council, auditor, minister or other competent authority, all books, vouchers, papers and moneys belonging to the municipality; and
—(b) on ceasing to hold office, deliver all books, vouchers, papers and moneys belonging to the municipality to his or her successor in office or to any other person that the council may designate.

2) The Chief Administrative Officer shall ensure that:
—(a) all minutes of council meetings are recorded;
—(b) the names of the members of council present at council meetings are recorded;
—(c) the minutes of each council meeting are given to council for approval at the next regular council meeting;
—(d) the corporate seal of the municipality, bylaws and minutes of council meetings and all other records and documents, funds and securities of the municipality are kept safe;
—(e) the council is advised of its legislative responsibilities pursuant to this or any other Act;
—(f) the minister is sent any statements, reports or other information with regard to the municipality that may be required by the minister pursuant to this or any other Act;
—(g) the official correspondence of the council is carried out in accordance with council’s directions;
—(h) an indexed register containing certified copies of all bylaws of the municipality is maintained;
—(i) cash collections that have accumulated to the amount determined by the council that is equal to or less than the amount for which the administrator is bonded or insured, but in any case not less than once a month nor more than
once each day, are deposited in the name of the municipality in a bank or credit union designated by the council, of which the administrator may not be an employee;
—(j) the funds of the municipality are disbursed only in the manner and to those persons that are directed by law or by the bylaws or resolutions of the council;
—(k) a complete and accurate account of assets and liabilities and all transactions affecting the financial position of the municipality is maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles;
—(l) the financial statements and information that the council may, by resolution, request are submitted to the council; and
—(m) on or before June 1 in each year, a financial statement is completed as required by section 185 of the Municipal Act.


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