Nipawin Saskatchewan
Parks & Recreation

Director of Parks & Recreation:

Chelsea Dalziel

210 2nd Ave. East
Office: 306-862-9866
Fax: 306-862-3076

Rick Helgason
Foreman/Arena Manager

Office: 306-862-9866
Fax: 306-862-3076

The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for a variety of areas throughout the community, including Town owned recreational facilities (both operation and maintenance), parks, and recreational programs. The Department is directly responsible to Town Council.
— Centennial / Jubilee Arena Complex
— Irene Manley Pool and Learner Pool
— 3 Ball Diamonds in Central Park
— 2 Ball Diamonds in Elks Park
— 2 town-owned soccer fields in Elks Park
— 6 Mini-Pitches on L.P. Miller School grounds
— Central Park
— Elks Park
— Royal Purple Park
— Montgomery Park
— Elks Millenium Youth Park
— Kinsmen Pinedale Park
— Gordon Subdivision Park
— East Plesantview Park
— Kitely Park
— Water Tower / Botting Park
— 5th Street Boulevard (irrigated)
— Centre Street/1st Avenue Boulevards (irrigated)
— Town Office Grounds (irrigated)
— Walleye Link Trail, Central Park Trail
— Town-owned empty residential lots (grass-cutting)
— Vista Point Lookout
— Flower pots / flower beds
— Various open spaces
— Mabel Hill Cemetery
— Ravine Bank Cemetery
— Woodlawn Cemetery
— Skateboard Park (in cooperation with the local club)
— The Department also provides portable bleachers to school diamonds during the season.
The Department provides annual operations and capital funding and advisory assistance.

The Department was involved in the planning and construction of the new Wapiti Library facility, which is a shared library space within a new Kindergarten to Grade 3 School. Also, in the overall plan of the school/community facility is space for Cumberland Regional College and Kids First. The facility has been constructed in Central Park.


The Department provides annual operating grants to two community associations for the operation of the outdoor arenas. These facilities are owned by the Town.


The Department provides some direct programs such as summer youth programs, clinics, workshops, etc. Often, these are done in partnership with other organizations. The Town is blessed with many volunteer community sport, culture and recreation organizations which deliver services.

A variety of programs are delivered jointly with other community agencies through the Nipawin Integrated Services Committee. The Committee is about collaboration and partnership, focusing on addressing needs of children, youth, and families, developing sustainable programs, shared ownership and decision making, and effective and efficient use of financial and human services. The Committee includes agency representatives from the Nipawin School Division, Kelsey Trail Health Region, Department of Social Services, Metis Local, Cumberland Regional College, Local Housing Authourity, RCMP, and Metis Nation Eastern Region II.

— Director of Parks and Recreation
— Parks and Arena Foreman
— Parks - Arena - Pool Maintenance
— Parks Seasonal (2) May 1 - mid to late October)
— Parks Student (3) May 1 - mid to late August
— Youth Programming (4) July 1 - August 15
— Pool Manager (1) May 1 - August 30
— Pool Staff (13) May 15 - August 30
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Public input on Recreation and Parks is facilitated through the appointment of a Parks and Recreation Board. This board acts in an advisory capacity to the Director and Town Council, making recommendations in the following areas:

  • fees and charges
  • programs (ex. Communities in Bloom)
  • policies.

The board consists of 7 members of the general public, and 2 members of Council. Department and Board goals are:

— Program Provision
To ensure that a high quality and appropriate quantity of diversified program opportunities are available to all client groups through program provision and facilitation.

— Facility Operation
To promote the effective and full utilization of facilities through effective and efficient operation, maximization of program provision, and community use.

— Inter Agency Co-operation
To promote co-operative planning, programming and communications among relevant agencies.

— Volunteer and Community Development
To enhance the development of volunteers and program leaders, working with volunteer groups in improving the quality of life in their community.

— Leisure Education
To encourage individuals to adopt independently satisfying leisure lifestyles through the development of personal values, leisure skills, etc.

— Accessibility of Services
To ensure that services and facilities are financially and physically accessible to all individuals.

— Park Maintenance and Development
To encourage protection of existing park areas and making recommendations on new developments, beautification, etc.



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