Using Screw Piles

Guide for using screw piles for foundationsIf the screw piles are going to be used for a standalone, uncovered deck, engineered drawings are not required.                                                        

Screw piles can be used provided that the following information is received:

Technical information of the screw pile:

1) Engineered shop drawings with the intended load of what the pile can carry in kilo newtons or lbs.

2) Diameter of the screw pile and its length.

3) IF AVAILABLE - Canadian Construction Materials Centre CCMC report identifying the screw pile as an acceptable foundation system under the national building code



Foundation Plan:

The foundation plan is to be drawn and must show:

  1. Where the screw piles will be located with measurements of the distances from each other.

2.What member will be sitting on the screw piles (4ply 2x10 beam, I beam, etc)

3. Weight that will be distributed to each screw pile. A qualified designer may be able to calculate the loads that will be applied to the piles (ie all live and dead loads). If a qualified designer is unable to provide that information then a professional engineer or architect must review the drawings to provide this information.

4.  Information showing how the end walls will be supported.

5. Provide details and information on the crawlspace (ie. height of space, exterior wall construction of the crawlspace, floor construction, access location and size, heated and vented, are any of the mechanical systems going in that space, how the walls/beams are to be attached to the pile, etc.)