Works and Utilities

Department Contact Information

Telephone: 306-862-9866

Fax: 306-862-3076


210 Second Avenue East Box 2134, Nipawin

Works and Utilities

Blaine Crowley, Director of Works & Utilities

The Town of Nipawin Department of Works & Utilities is responsibe for the construction, maintenance and repair of the infrastructure system.  This includes roads, sidewalks, traffic control, water, sewer and storm piping.  Works & Utilities is also responsible for the airport, water treatment plant, waste water pumping stations, equipment purchases, maintenance for all fleet vehicles, and the solid waste collection and disposal service.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Airport

  • Landfill

  • Waste Management

  • Blue Bin Recycling

  • Water & Sewer

  • Roads & Sidewalks

  • Animal / Pest Control

  • Water Treatment Plant & Reservoir



1052/18 Airport Bylaw

1043/18 Waste Control

A Bylaw to Regulate Proper Collection and Disposal of Waste

Water & Sewer

1007/16 Water - Sewer Rates Bylaw (Schedule 1)

A Bylaw to fix the rates charged for water and sewer

1007/16 (Schedule A) Water-Sewer Consumption Rates

Monthly Water Consumption Rates

859/07 Water-Sewer Management Bylaw

Bylaw for the maintenance and management of the waterworks and sanitary sewer systems