Dam Smokehouse Hot Wing Challenge

8:00AM - 6:00PM

Hot wing competition
Update :
Still waiting for a couple sauces to arrive in order to proceed but👇
Till then : you need to qualify to get your name into the competition – to qualify starting Tuesday Feb 6th you will be required to prove to me you can handle some heat by eating a cracker with some hot stuff on it – (5 minutes without anything to cool your mouth) If you can handle that you then you can pay $100 to enter the competition. I am only taking 10 competitors.
Last person standing makes a cool $500 plus a sweet shirt, pack of tums, and a roll of charmin ultra soft toilet paper cause your going to need something comforting after. Event will be live streamed for your entertainment at home !!
Rules to date :
1) NO beverage of any kind will be allowed to be consumed during the competition for those competing. Until they drop out
2) NO dip is allowed with the wings sorry ranch lovers
3) NO washroom breaks or you drop out and forfeit the competition
4) Must wear gloves to eat the wings no exceptions
5) If more then 1 person is left standing after all sauces have been rolled out we move on to a 5 wing fastest to finish competition with the hottest available sauce that will determine the winner.
More rules will follow – competition day will be Feb 26 th !!!!!
– starting point sauce 400,000 scoville and we go up from there.