Demolition Permit

What is a Demolition Permit?

A Demolition permit is required when it is desired to demolish a building or structure within Nipawin. The demolition permit starts the process of removing the building from your property taxes. It also ensures the water and sewer lines are properly shut off or disconnected and the site is made safe.

Process for Demolition Permits

A Demolition permit will not be issued until taxes are current on the property. A simple site plan is also required showing the building being demolished and its dimensions.

Cost of Demolition Permit

The permit costs $5.00

A deposit of $3,000.00 or 10% value of contract shall be deposited with the Town of Nipawin Prior to issuance of a Demolition Permit and returned in accordance with the Building Bylaw.

The applicant is required to contact the public works department to ensure that the water and sewer lines are decommissioned properly.