Nipawin Area Waste Diversion Site

Contact Information

Title: Supervisor

Name: Kelly Bressers

Telephone: 306-862-9292

Cell: 306-812-7679


Address: 210 Second Avenue East Box 2134, Nipawin


Reduce, reuse and recycle

Recycling benefits both the environment and the economy. It creates jobs and keeps valuable resources out of landfills, thereby reducing the costs of municipalities, and ultimately ratepayers. Creating products from recycled materials saves energy and reduces pollution.

The Town of Nipawin website, along with MTN, have several resources available to assist the public in knowing how to dispose of various items. Resources include how to recycle the following:

Blue bin:

Beverage containers

Household tin & aluminum


Mixed paper & cardboard


Electronic waste such as computers and TVs


Household paint

Fill It

Follow these steps to ensure you are using your blue recycling bins properly:

  • Do not bag or stack items. Keep recyclables loose in the bin.

Please Remember:

  • Keep bin lids closed
  • Do not let your bins overflow.
  • Do not place additional waste beside your bin.
  • Make sure material is not packed too tightly and can easily come out of the bins when the collection truck picks it up.

Place It

  • On collection day, place the bins on even ground on the street or in the back alley before 7 a.m.
  • Make sure they do not block traffic.
  • Place bin wheels against the curb. In the winter, place your bin with its wheels against the street side of the snow ridge.
  • Arrange the bin so the arrows on the lid are pointed toward the center of the road.

Space It

  • Leave enough space around your bin so that you can walk around it.
  • Leave at least one metre (four feet) of space between other objects such as parked cars, power poles, utility boxes, fences, downspouts, and garages.

Store It

  • Roll your empty bin back the day that it was emptied in a secure location on your property or against your fence after it has been collected.

If you are having difficulty moving your bin or have any questions, please contact MTN Disposal at (306) 862-1401.

Have more questions? Check out the following links:

Sarcan link

Recycling Guide Poster

Check out this short video (courtesy of the City of Regina) on the do’s and don’t of using your recycling carts:

Compost Collection

Since 1998, the Town of Nipawin has been collecting compost material from every household within the town limits. It is estimated that during the summer months compost materials account for up to 50% of all residential waste collected. The objective of composting is to divert this material from the landfill, while converting it into a useful finished product for horticultural or agricultural use. From an environmental perspective, composting saves valuable landfill space while adding beneficial humus and nutrients to the soil.

Compost collection period begins in May and concludes in October, see schedule for more details.

Acceptable compost items should be placed in GREEN compost carts, garbage cans, or paper compost bags and placed within six feet of your front curb by 8:00 a.m. on Wednesdays. For residents that are situated on a corner lot, compost items should be placed on the curb which is opposite to your back alley. Please do not place compost in your MTN Black or Blue Collection Carts.  NO PLASTIC BAGS OF ANY KIND.

If you have any questions please call the Town Office at 862-9866.

Composting Guidelines

Kitchen ScrapsEgg shells, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, raw or cooked fruit and vegetable wastes, moldy breadMeat and bones, dairy products, fat and oil products
Yard MaterialGreen grass clippings, dry leaves, dead plantsDiseased plants, persistent weeds like crab grass, weeds with mature seeds, tree branches

Weekly Collection Schedules