Economic Development

Economic development in Nipawin is driven by vision that will leverage our current resources, and invest in infrastructure and education in order to build on our vibrancy and create an economic model that is responsible and equitable. This model will be created through enhanced communications, marketing, and engagement. The Town of Nipawin aims to build an environment that encourages growth and productivity. With the development of an economic strategy that will be a guide to assist in the establishment of effective, efficient and structured process that will have a sustainable and positive impact on the future. Please view our economic portfolio at this link:

Retention+ Promotion+ Collaboration + Support = Positive Development

The Town of Nipawin will focus on the creation of opportunities that will lead to growth and increase sustainability. Promotion will begin by providing attention to our current resources, by featuring the unique aspects of our community in order to attract investment. 

The Town of Nipawin will collaborate and engage our stakeholders in order to prepare and plan for the future and identify supports that will be required to create an environment where individuals and businesses feel empowered. 

Development within the community is not an individual endeavor and requires a collective effort and commitment from all stakeholders.


Economic Development

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