The Town of Nipawin oversees responsibilities for three cemeteries. Mabel Hill Cemetery located 1.5 km east of Nipawin on Highway 55 was started in the early 1970’s. Ravine Bank Cemetery is located 2 km east of Nipawin on Highway 55 and Woodlawn Cemetery is located on 8th Street West and Highway 35 South. Both Woodlawn and Ravine Bank were started around the 1920’s.

Mabel Hill is the only cemetery available for burial services as Woodlawn Cemetery no longer provides services for future burials and Ravine Bank provides services only to pioneers of the area and their descendants.

Fees + GST

Cemetery Plots:

All Plots: $750 + GST


All Plots: $650 + GST
*weekends/holidays, add: $250 + GST


Opening/Closing: $260 + GST
*weekends/holidays, add: $165 + GST

Family Columbarium Lot:

$340 + GST

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