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Nipawin Fisheries

Nipawin is an angler’s paradise, with a world-class fishery, multiple tournaments, and a welcoming community. The closest boat launch is in the Nipawin Regional Park on the Tobin Lake Section of the Saskatchewan River. There are also spots along the shore that are accessible, including a dock near the boat launch installed every summer. Codette Lake is also close to Nipawin and was created with the construction of the Francios-Finlay Dam. The fisheries include Northern Pike, Walleye, Sauger, Perch, Sturgeon and Goldeye. settings.

World Record Walleye

A Roman Catholic priest Father Mariusz broke the world record ice fishing record with an 18.30-pound walleye  on Tobin Lake, January 4, 2005. The previous Saskatchewan record walleye, also caught and relseased on Tobin Lake weighed in at 18.06 pounds in 1997.

Father Mariusz landed his trophy with a “diamond spinner” near the Tobin Lake Resort Village, while ice fishing alone in his shack on Tobin Lake at around 5 p.m.

The new Saskatchewan record walleye has a girth of 22.5 inches and measures 36.5 inches long. It is believed Father Mariusz’s walleye is the only one caught while ice fishing. All other Tobin Lake provincial records for walleye were realized in open water.

Fishing Tournaments

Nipawin and surrounding areas host multiple fishing events, making our home a fishing paradise and an opportunity to win some cash. We are world renowned for our tournaments, paying out hundreds of thousands every year! In the attempt to preserve our incredible aquatic wildlife, every tournament is a live release format. There are many varieties of tournaments, such as weigh-in style, measurements of fish, and fishing for tags. Whether you are a competitive angler or are fishing for fun, there is the ability to win a prize anytime you are on our waters. 

The Nipawin Great Northern Pike Festival Runs from June 20th to September 30th and anyone can win a prize , you do not have to fish!!  Each year Northern Pike are tagged on the 1st Monday in June at the annual Media Day. Media Day is an event that brings in media personnel from across the province to golf and catch and tag Northern Pike and enjoy all that makes Nipawin exceptional By Nature.  

To enter the festival, purchase a $5 entry at various locations in Nipawin and the area. The entry will be put into a draw for prizes regardless of if a fish is tagged. If entered the festival, and a current year tag is caught, there are various prizes able to be won. Catch the fish, clip the tag, photo the fish, release the fish take the tag to sponsoring location and what you have wone will be posted in late October.

The Saskatchewan Premiers Walleye Cup is one of the largest fishing tournaments in the world, with 160 teams hitting the water for two days each August. The tournament is a weigh-in style, with prize money awarded to the top team each day and overall weight. There is also an opportunity to enter a tournament within a tournament that holds 120 of 160 teams to win bonus prizes for the highest weight. Anglers can enter a big fish pool where the heaviest fish each day receive a cash prize. The boats launch from the docks at the Nipawin Regional Park.

The Vanity Cup Walleye Tournament runs each October on the Saskatchewan River section Tobin Lake. It is a two-day live release tournament, based on the weight of walleye. In its conception the founders named the tournament “Vanity” because of the large prize fund, and $2000 entry fee. The first-place team of the tournament wins a prize fund of $100,000, not including any daily or bonus funds.  Included with the overall placing are prizes for top mixed team, top team in a Lund boat, hidden weight, and most improved. Currently the Vanity Cup is organized by Nipawin Minor Hockey Association. The boats launch from the docks at the Nipawin Regional Park. 

The Vanity continues to support to the community of Nipawin in over 25 years, the Vanity Cup has contributed over $1,000,000.00 back to the community. The Vanity has given many large donations to help athletic projects such as full funding of the Walleye Park Slo-Pitch Diamonds, batting cages at L.P. Miller, shale for all  ball diamonds and LP Miller running track. Contributions directly to minor hockey include mini-nets, Novice 1/2 ice boards, numerous sets of hockey jerseys and the funding for Vanity Luxury Box in the Centennial Arena. Other donations include to the Nipawin Regional Park spray pad , boat docks, and other various projects. They have also contributed the Whitefox amd Aylsham arenas.

The Tobin Lake Walleye Tournament is organized by the Nipawin Junior ‘A’ Hawks, taking place in July each year. The tournament is a measurement style tournament, with 110 teams participating in the  tournament. The  first-place team takes home $25,000. Boats launch from the docks at the Resort Village of Tobin Lake.


Phone: (306) 862-2748

Email: tobinlakewc@gmail.co0

The Ladies Fish for Freedom is North America’s largest female fishing tournaments.With as many as one hundred and ten teams hitting the water with two anglers and a boat captain if desired. The captain cannot fish or assist in any way in the landing of a fish. The tournament is live release and measurement style, where prizes are based on the total measurement of four legal fish per team. The contest is on the weekend of August directly following the Premiers Cup, providing a chance for every family member to participate in a tournament. The tournament is a fundraiser event for the Twin Lakes Trailblazer Snowmobile Club. They reinvest back into the community by providing an attractive winter recreation destination.  


Fishing Outfitters and Guides

Twin Marine

Marina, Boat Rentals, Outfitting, Guiding

Phone: (306) 862-2628
Email: twin.marine@sasktel.net
Box  269
Nipawin, SK
S0E 1E0

Twin Marine is one of the largest outfitters on Tobin Lake, offering full or half day guided fishing adventures. One of their knowledgeable guides will show you the beautiful waters of Tobin Lake, the current spots the bite is on, and the type of tackle to use. Their fishing techniques will help you to catch one of Tobin Lake’s Trophy Walleye or Northern Pike. Guide packages of $550 for a full day include a knowledgeable guide, large guide boat, fuel, gear & equipment, container of bait and 8 hours of fun! Twin Marine also has ice fishing packages of $600 per day that includes a knowledgeable guide, and guided in a Snobear. Twin Marine also has boat rentals including six fishing boats and one pontoon boat. The marina also has bait, tackle, fishing licences, and a convenience store.

Reel 'Em Inn Cabins

Cabins, Fishing Guides

Phone: (306) 862-4544
Gordon St.
Nipawin, SK
S0E 1E0

Reel’em Inn Cabins includes twelve private, modern cabins located just outside of Nipawin in the Regional Park. This camping location is perfect for a fishing trip, as you are just minutes from the Saskatchewan River portion of Tobin Lake. All cabins have seen renovations in the last five years, making them the best place to rest after a long day of fishing. Reel ‘Em Inn Cabins has teamed up with Ray Lamy of Twin Marine to offer the best possible fishing experience.

Tobin Lake Trophy Adventures

Fishing and Hunting Lodge

Site 709 COMP 24 RR7
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7K 1N2

Phone: (306) 229-0294
Email:  info@tobinlaketrophyadventures.com

Tobin Lake Trophy Adventures specialise in trophy Whitetail Deer, Moose, and Black Bear hunts and also do fishing packages for trophy Walleye and Northern Pike. They have accommodations in their two story lake side lodge with a panoramic view. Their ten bedrooms, each with a private bathroom, sleeps 10-24, and includes satellite Tv, Wi-Fi, pool table and excellent home cooked meals. There is also access to the kitchen if guests wish to do their own cooking. 

Tobin Lake Guide Services

Fishing Guide

101 Tindall Nipawin, SK
Nipawin SK
S0E 1E0


Phone: (306) 862-7735
Email: tobinlakeguideservices@gmail.com

Tobin Lake Guide Services offers guided fishing and sightseeing tours for a few hours or all day on Tobin and Codette Lakes. They are all about the client and want to provide the best service to suit your holiday. Tobin Lake Guide Services can supply guests with rods and tackle, or they can bring your own. “We will tailor your trip to your needs and wants to make it the best rip for you!” Whether summer or winter they will set guests up for a chance of catching trophy fish.

Trails End Outfitters

Fishing & Hunting Guide

Box 931
Nipawin SK
S0E 1E0
Phone: (306) 812-8281
Email: trailsendoutfitters@sasktel.net


“Come as a client, leave as a friend” is Trails End Outfitters philosophy. They have a lakefront, handcrafted log lodge at Tobin Lake. The guest experience will be professionally guided, whether hunting for bear/ deer in the bush, or fishing the waters of Tobin Lake for a monster pike or world renowned walley. Fishing is open May 15 to March 31, and a price per person per day is $300.00 USD. When fishing with Trails End Outfitters the prices include your accommodations, home cooked meals, trophy and meat care, hunting and fishing Licences and Taxes. 

Gary Simon Outfitting

Hunting and Fishing Outfitter

Box 738 
Carrot River, SK
S0E 0L0


Phone: (306) 768-2886
Email: g.simon@sasktel.net

Gary Simon Outfitting and Thunder Rapids Lodge provides guests with an exciting and memorable fishing or hunting experience in NorthEast Saskatchewan.  Thunder Rapid Lodge is equipped with a small store that offers gas, ice, groceries, fishing tackle, frozen bait, magazines, souvenirs, T-shirts, and confectionery. They also have cabins, a pool and boats for rent.

Angling Regulations and Limits

To maintain the high-quality trophy fishery, there are regulations in effect from the Francois-Finlay Dam to the E.B. Campbell Dam. This also includes all portions of the Petegain River which flows into Petegain Bay on Tobin Lake. The regulations include no walleye or sauger between 55cm (27.1 inches) and 86 cm (33.9 inches) long may be retained. No northern pike between 75 cm (29.5 inches) and 115 cm (45.3 inches) may be retained. Barbless hooks are mandatory.

Anglers may catch the limit for each fish species on a single day. At any time, possession limit is no more than the limit for each species. This limit includes the fish you have while fishing, at camp, during transportation and at home. 

Northern Pike 4 (Only 1 northern pike may exceed 115 cm) 
Walleye/ Sauger 4 (Only 1 walleye/ sauger may exceed 86 cm) 
Burbot 8
Goldeye 8 
Perch 25 
Sturgeon 0 limit