Moving Permit

What is a Moving Permit?

A moving permit is required when it is desired to move a building or structure within Nipawin, to Nipawin, or out of Nipawin.

A moving permit is required for Sea Containers desired to be used as a building.

Process for Moving Permits

A Moving permit will not be issued until a development permit and building permit, if required, have also been issued.

Cost of Moving Permit

Moving Permits cost $5.00

A deposit of $3,000.00 or 10% value of contract shall be deposited with the Town of Nipawin Prior to issuance of a Moving Permit and returned in accordance with the Building Bylaw.

Pre-Move inspection

Unless the building is new and has documentation showing the building complies with all applicable acts or regulations, a pre-move inspection is required. Click here for information on Pre-Move Inspections.